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How I Am Able to Benefit You!

It's a pleasure to serve my community by offering several different learning opportunities, outside of a traditional classroom setting.  Check back here often as I continue to add more services!

In-Person & Online Private Tutoring

With my in-person or online tutoring options, you will have access to:

  • 1 on 1 setting
  • strategic solutions to conquer opportunities 
  • supportive & fun learning environment
For  homeschool & distance learning  students, I can offer parents piece of mind in knowing that their child is staying on top of their assignments, as well as engaging with their teachers.   By having me there as a resource and ally, I will hold them accountable for their success and assist with learning challenges as they arise.

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Test Preparation

Standardized testing has become one of the main sources that colleges, as well as certain specialties careers, require you to pass before they will accept you into their programs. 


Not a great test taker? Feeling overwhelmed with the content? 

 Allow me to break down the content with you to make it easier to understand and retain. Test preparation requires dedication and consistency. Partner with me so that we can set you on the right path to passing your exam!

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Summer Learning Programs

Summer Learning Camp '22!

 I am here to help strengthen each students'  foundation, and to empower your scholar to get ahead academically through my summer learning camp! I will equip my learners with the tools they need to be prepared for their next school year. This will be done via in person, small group sessions.

More info for 2022 Camp Registration coming soon!



Interview Training

You may be asking yourself "so, I finally got the interview, now what?" Allow me to assist you with taking your career to the next level! During your interview training, I'll teach you how to properly prepare for your interview. From looking the part, to word choice to asking the right questions; concluded by a practice interview. I'll show you how you can use your strengths to leverage your next career move! This way you are well prepared and can walk in with confidence!

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Credit Coaching

Coming Soon!

Resume Touch-Up

Resume writing is like an art. To master it, it takes a bit of skill. This is where my services can help! I provide sessions to teach you the do's an dont's of creating your resume. We'll also look at some key aspects that many employers use to gauge whether or not they will even offer a potential applicant an interview. If you already have a resume, I can help with touching it up to attract more interviews and stand out from the competition.

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What My Clients Are Saying!

Listen ya’ll Michelle is truly a BOSS! I really appreciate her services. She’s prompt, knowledgeable, patient and professional to say the least. My daughter was struggling really bad with math and someone recommended her to me... and my first impression was WOW she’s great at this! She had everything organized and well put together for each tutoring session... trust me you won’t be disappointed with her services!

K. Barnes